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Dear Social Media Gurus,

Addmefast bot… By now you already know that Addmefast is the largest network of around 22,000,000 active social media marketers like yourself from more then 250 countries engaged in earning points MANUALLY to grow their social media presence.

But, for those who are new and/or considering to joining Addmefast network, I will leave a quick intro :

Addmefast Bot

Like I said above is a leading network of internet marketers, small to medium sized business owners and end consumers who are looking to grow their social media presence with a limited or no budget and can not afford that crappy VERY EXPENSIVE paid advertisements on social network sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram etc. What they do is to sign up to Addmefast and aggressively engage in earning points by doing that easy yet tedious and laborious repetitive tasks to earn points. (addmefast bot)

add me fast bot

How to register for

  • Go to
  • Click “Registration” below the login form at the top right hand side.
  • Fill up the registration form with your Email address, password and captcha and press “Sign up”
  • Login to your Email, Find the confirmation email you received from and push confirm.

Free Addmefast Points are NOT FREE

Whether you are an internet marketer, social media marketer, SEO guru, small business or an end consumer, You would defiantly be looking to earn free addmefast points to expand your personal Facebook profile followers, Twitter followers, Increase Youtube views or may be Facebook page likes. Even Website hits. Addmefast have it all. (addmefast hack)

There is a big BUT…

Since FREE is never absolutely free, You will have to pay something to get the so called free even.

In case of addmefast points, You will have to put hours and hours of hard work and do that boring tedious clicks here and there, Like other’s Facebook pages, View Youtube views and follow other Twitter profiles to gain points. It may be easy but VERY VERY BORING and consume alot of your highly valuable time.

We have the SOLUTION….


add me fast hack

After years of hard work, We have developed a detailed and sensitive Addmefastbot which automate the whole process of clicks and activity on other social identities to make you earn UNLIMITED addmefast points which you can use the way you want.

You literally have to do nothing but to run the addmefast bot on your system after loging in to your addmefast account, It do the whole process for you click here and there as needed and the points keeps coming your way.

Yes, It is just as simple as that.

Earn Points on Addmefast and get thousands of :

  • Facebook Likes, Shares, Followers, Post Likes, Post shares
  • Google Circles, Shares, +1′s
  • Twitter Followers, Tweets, Retweets, Favourites
  • YouTube Views, Likes, Comments, Subscribers, Shares
  • Pinterest Followers, Repins, Likes
  • SoundCloud Follows, Plays
  • Instagram Followers, Likes
  • Vine Followers, Likes, Revines
  • Digg Followers
  • Website hits
  • and much much more


How Addmefast Bot works?

  • Click the Buy Now Button and Pay for the software
  • Download the product from memberhip area
  • Watch the training video and the script to understand the easy process
  • Run the Addmefast Bot
  • Earn Unlimited Points
  • Sit back and see the Add me fast Bot earning points for you.

add me fast boot

Think for a while and feel the difference, How much can you expand, How soon can you grow your social media presents.

Possibilities are unlimited!!!

The front end of Addmefast Bot is very user friendly and easy to understand. There are simple start and stop buttons. Once you login to the addmefast account you will have to push the start button to order the software to do the free points earning tasks for you and you can get back to your own work or just spend time on other stuff.

Addmefast Bot is a perfect use of recent technologies to make your life easy and put your business and life to next level, Since SOFTWARE never gets tired neither gets bored. (Hack)

When Addmefast Bot is helping you get hundreds of thousands of likes, views, shares, subscribers comments and all, Why would you be spending a single penny on buying that here and there or investing lots of HOURS EVERY DAY to do that manual boring clicks on addmefast website yourself to earn points.

Do you have a great excuse for not buying this Addmefast Bot?


Let me tell you that our Add me fast Bot is the only software bot in market right now actually works and don’t have a single bug. If check out the market, You will see lot of that crappy bad looking websites claiming to have it but when you actually try, It will lead you facing a survey, download a crappy virus or leads you clicking an ad which will put few cents in their pocket.

Why you need Addmefast Bot?

It is a potential all in one package for all your INTERNET MARKETING It is a onetime solution to your entire social media website traffic. It is a boon for people who desire to have unlimited and uninterrupted traffic to their websites.Don’t waste your time Take immediate advantage of this great software’s outstanding functionality. Take lead of its power and its low price as soon as possible and get hundreds of new followers & fans each day along with crazy hits of websites. It’s COMPLETELY HANDS OFF

We guarantee, We deliver what we commits!!

Take my words, Don’t pour more dollars in buying social signals, Likes, followers etc, wasting your time in earning points. Grab this Addmefast Bot today which itself worth thousands of dollars but we are going to offer it at a very small amount you wouldn’t be able to refuse.

Get Addmefast Bot right now before the offer get back to its original price.

Immediate download – Order now and Get Addmefast Bot


Immediate download – Order Now and get the Software!

Not sure ?

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Immediate download – Order Now and get the Software!

License key will be send to you in up to 5-10 Minutes!



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